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Serenna Wagner - registered Neurologic Music Therapist

Serenna works part time as an Health Care Professions Council-registered Neurologic Music Therapist. She has her own business 'This Inner Voice' (see below) and also works freelance for CHROMA Creative Arts Therapies. 

In her work as a Music Therapist, Serenna has been able to put together creative interventions that have generated significant changes in the lives of her clients. One of her specialist areas is helping people who have experienced brain injury or stroke to regain their speech. Serenna's methods in this area have been particularly successful and she believes that they are deeply enhanced by her knowledge of the voice through singing and singing teaching.

Serenna has been invited to present her work with children with Autism at the British Association of Music Therapists and has given lectures at several Oxford University Colleges as a guest speaker for Oxford Royale.

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